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xorg-x11 keycodes for a Logitech 350 Keyboard

To save myself from having to mess around with xev again in the future: here’re the keycodes for a Logitech 350 USB keyboard with xorg-x11 on Linux:

keycode 129 = XF86AudioMedia
keycode 236 = XF86Mail
keycode 178 = XF86WWW
keycode 161 = XF86Calculator
keycode 162 = XF86AudioPlay
keycode 174 = XF86AudioLowerVolume
keycode 176 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume
keycode 160 = XF86AudioMute

These go in ~/.Xmodmap. And in ~/.fluxbox/keys, we can use:

XF86Mail                 :ExecCommand claws-mail
XF86WWW                  :ExecCommand firefox
XF86Calculator           :ExecCommand xterm
XF86AudioPlay            :ExecCommand mpc toggle
XF86AudioLowerVolume     :ExecCommand amixer set PCM 2-
XF86AudioRaiseVolume     :ExecCommand amixer set PCM 2+
XF86AudioMute            :ExecCommand amixer set Master toggle

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