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EAPI 2: default_ phase functions and the default function

This post is part of a series on EAPI 2.

With EAPIs 0 and 1, if you want to add something to, say, src_unpack, you have to manually write out the default implementation and then add your code. This is easy to screw up — developers are highly prone to getting the quoting wrong and forgetting which functions do and do not want a || die on the end.

EAPI 2 makes the default implementation of phase functions available as functions themselves. These functions are named default_src_unpack, default_src_configure and so on.

Typing out default_src_compile in full is pointless, though (especially since it’s illegal to call phase functions or default phase functions from other phase functions). So we also introduce the special default function, which calls whichever default_ phase function is appropriate for the phase we’re in. Thus:

src_compile() {
    if useq extras ; then
        emake extras || die "splat"

Both features first appeared in exheres-0.

An alternative proposal (I think it came from the Pkgcore camp) was to make all EAPI default implementations available through functions named like eapi0_src_compile, eapi1_src_compile and eapi2_src_compile. This proposal was rejected because various Paludis people moaned about it not making sense or having any legitimate use cases (the ‘obvious’ use cases don’t work if you think them through), and no-one stood up to defend it.


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