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EAPI 2: src_configure and src_compile

This is post five in a series describing EAPI 2.

EAPI 2 splits src_compile into src_configure and src_compile. Like src_prepare, it’s mostly a convenience thing to reduce copying default implementations, although in this case it also makes it easier to hook in code in between configure and make being run.

The default src_configure implementation behaves like this:

src_configure() {
    if [[ -x ${ECONF_SOURCE:-.}/configure ]]; then

This is the first half of EAPI 1’s src_compile, not the non-ECONF_SOURCE-aware EAPI 0 version.

The default src_compile implementation is reduced accordingly:

src_compile() {
    if [[ -f Makefile ]] || [[ -f GNUmakefile ]] || [[ -f makefile ]]; then
        emake || die "emake failed"

The split configure / compile setup was first used in exheres-0, which uses more elaborate default implementations. Like src_prepare, it was considered but rejected for kdebuild-1 because of eclass difficulties.


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