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EAPI 2: doman language support

This is the final post in a series on EAPI 2.

The doman helper is one of those pesky little beasts that makes specifying EAPI behaviour formally such a nuisance (although it is nowhere near as horrible as dohtml). EAPI 2 makes it even peskier.

I’ll try that again.

The doman helper makes writing ebuilds substantially easier by automagically doing the right thing when installing manual pages, freeing the developer from having to care about manual sections. EAPI 2 makes doman even more useful by making it aware of language codes as well as sections.

The painful details are available in PMS, but basically this will now ‘do the right thing’:

doman foo.1 foo.en.1 foo.en_GB.1

Previously only the first of the items would go to the right place.

This one’s a Gentoo innovation; see bug 222439 for its history. It was shamelessly stolen for exheres-0, but was too late for kdebuild-1.

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