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Path and installable-to dependencies

A while ago, Paludis got from-repository dependencies. 0.32 will extend this further with path and installable-to dependencies.

Path dependencies are fairly simple: cat/pkg::/ will match cat/pkg installed at root /. A full path can be used too, so cat/pkg::/var/mychroot will work (as well as anything involving non-/ roots works, anyway…).

Installable-to dependencies take a bit more explaining. There are two kinds of installable-to dependency: repository and path. An installable-to-repository dependency looks like cat/pkg::repo? and is matched by any cat/pkg that could be installed to the repository named repo. An installable-to-path dependency looks like cat/pkg::/? and is matched by any cat/pkg that could be installed to any repository with root /.

Installable-to dependencies will not match masked packages. To specify “packages that would be installable, ignoring masks”, use a double question mark, like cat/pkg::/??. At present the double question mark ignores all masks, even those that cannot be overridden (unsupported EAPI, unavailable or unwritten). This may change to only include overridable masks; I’m not sure which is better behaviour yet.


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