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xorg-x11 hackery for a Logitech RX1000 Mouse

The Logitech RX1000 mouse has a scroll wheel that can tilt left or right. This generates HWHEEL events by default, which are pretty much useless. I find it more useful to have the tilt generate WHEEL events (scroll up and down), so I can press and hold left or right rather than repeatedly spinning the mouse wheel.

The wheel can also be pressed to get a middle click, but if I don’t concentrate I end up scrolling as well as middle clicking. There’s another button with a magnifying glass icon on it just below the scroll wheel which is more useful, which usually shows up as button 8. By making this button 2 we can use that for X11 paste, open-in-new-tab in Firefox and so on.

So I don’t forget how to get this working:

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier  "Mouse1"
    Driver      "evdev"
    Option      "Name" "Logitech USB Optical Mouse"
    Option      "HWHEELRelativeAxisButtons" "4 5"

Unfortunately, evdev doesn’t seem to have a ButtonMapping equivalent, so we have to fall back to xmodmap to do the button remapping. Doubly unfortunately, this makes pressing the middle mouse button useless.

pointer = 1 6 3 4 5 2 7 8 9 10

Thanks Nicolas.


One response to “xorg-x11 hackery for a Logitech RX1000 Mouse

  1. Rob October 23, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Not sure if that’s gonna help you in any way, but you might take a look here:

    Personally I use it for MX Revolution

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