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Pakuma Choroka K1: Great Laptop Bag or the Greatest Laptop Bag?

I got a Pakuma Choroka K1 for Christmas, to replace my rapidly falling apart generic backpack. I must say, I am extremely impressed.

First up, space. There’s plenty of room for a beast of a laptop, the power supply and a mouse. And a load of paper. And several large books. And a water bottle. And the shopping. And a cat or small dog. No problems there.

Next up, the organisation of said space. Lots of compartments and pockets. Possibly slightly overdoing things, but fortunately the little compartments are inside big compartments, so there’s no wasted space if you decide not to use them.

The foam-cushioned laptop compartment (supposedly using NASA-invented memory foam, and if you believe that I’ve got a bridge for sale) appears to be effective.

Then there’s the strap. My old backpack’s straps were falling off and falling apart thanks to shoddy stitching and cheap materials. No danger of this here.

The clever bits… Two stand out. First, the nifty little hole to allow headphones to go into the bag. Neat. Second, the slightly-shiny light grey inner lining. This makes it much easier to see things inside the bag.

Colour-wise, it’s inoffensive, which is all I care about.

A couple of things I’d possibly consider changing: The big cushioned laptop-holding section does waste a bit of space if there’s no laptop in the bag. Making it removable would be rather nifty, although possibly difficult to do without reducing the strength of the bag. And a small handle on the top of the bag wouldn’t go amiss either — the over-the-shoulder strap is sometimes overkill.

All in all, a rather good buy, especially if someone else is paying for it.


2 responses to “Pakuma Choroka K1: Great Laptop Bag or the Greatest Laptop Bag?

  1. numerodix February 1, 2009 at 9:56 pm

    A bit unwieldy on a bike, I imagine. Unlike a laptop..

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