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EAPI 3: dohard and dosed Banned

This is part of a series on EAPI 3.

The dohard utility is used to create a hard link between two files. Except it can’t necessarily do that, and even when it does it probably won’t end up being merged as a hard link; up until recently, Portage only supported merging hard links by fluke if it happened to take a particular fast-path in the code, and few people even noticed. Even in ideal circumstances, dealing with hard links is fraught with mess, so we’ve decided to ban dohard in EAPI 3 as a way of discouraging their use.

As for dosed… It doesn’t really do what you think, it’s been considered deprecated for ages and there are better alternatives. EAPI 3 bans it too.

Both of these were originally banned in kdebuild-1. Unfortunately, kdebuild-1‘s banning of the abomination that is dohtml hasn’t made it into EAPI 3.


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