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EAPI 3: unpack xz Support

This is part of a series on EAPI 3.

In another disappointing defeat for the shadowy cabal controlling Gentoo’s every move (no, not that cabal, the other one), EAPI 3 will see unpack support xz format archives.

This is icky.

Support for unpacking lzma files was retroactively shoved into existing EAPIs because Mike Frysinger decided to just commit support to Portage without an EAPI change and start relying upon it for coreutils, making it impossible for everyone else to do anything except copy the change. This, it turns out, was a waste of time, since the lzma format is effectively deprecated in favour of xz.

Now, despite it not having any unmasked extractor on Gentoo, unpack in EAPI 3 is required to know how to unpack xz files. Whilst this is a step better than doing the change without an EAPI bump (no thanks to Mike, who tried to put it in without one), it’s still silly.

Of course, soon we’ll have to add in support for whatever the cool kids are using next week into EAPI 4.


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