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EAPI 3: S to WORKDIR Fallback Reduced

This is part of a series on EAPI 3.

The introduction of a default src_install has one weird side effect that probably wouldn’t have been noticed before EAPI 3’s release without extensive use in Exherbo: if S is incorrect, developers will often end up accidentally installing an empty package rather than seeing the expected error. This is because the S to WORKDIR fallback happens even when it probably shouldn’t; with developers often no longer coding a src_install that will die if the expected Makefile isn’t found, this gets through unnoticed until it’s too late.

EAPI 3 therefore removes the S to WORKDIR fallback, except under certain carefully chosen circumstances: if the ebuild has empty A, and it defines none of src_unpack, src_prepare, src_configure, src_compile and src_install, the fallback will occur as normal.

Thus, ebuilds that install nothing don’t have worry; other ebuilds must set S=${WORKDIR} in global scope if necessary.


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