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What’s Not in EAPI 3?

I’ve already covered everything that made it into EAPI 3; for those interested, I’ll briefly discuss some of the things that were voted out or didn’t make it.

First, things that made it into the draft proposal, but were voted out:

  • A ban on || ( use? ( foo ) ). This construct is impossible to use correctly (despite misinformation to the contrary from certain people who keep trying very hard to come up with a perverse justification for it), is used incorrectly everywhere it is currently used and has lots of special wording for it in PMS. Unfortunately, the Council weaselled out of outright banning it in favour of maybe introducing a repoman check and maybe banning it later.
  • doexample and doinclude. Nobody cared enough to make a convincing defence of their necessity, so they were voted out.
  • More econf option changes. --enable-fast-install was snuck into the --disable-dependency-tracking feature request with no explanation. The Council voted against it.
  • unpack --if-compressed, which would make it otherwise fatal for unpack to be called with an unsupported extension, was voted out. This means that when you explicitly call unpack doesnotexist or unpack foo.tar.bz3, unpack will continue to do nothing silently and not indicate any error.

Then, things that were getting ready before the Council decided that in the interests of getting things done, anything not already on the list would be postponed for consideration for a future EAPI:

  • Merger mtime preservation. This one, as worded, received much objection from the secret cabal directing Gentoo’s future from the shadows since it would mandate emulating Portage’s broken behaviour that results in files being merged with ridiculous timestamps.
  • Prefix variables. The Gentoo prefix people wanted to sneak a few prefix variables into PMS by the back door, presumably in a way of getting prefix accepted without them having to discuss or address design, goals or implementation — this discussion getting postponed is probably good for Gentoo, since it’s well known that anyone who dares suggest that prefix is anything less than perfect ends up mysteriously no longer being a Gentoo developer.

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