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Paludis 0.52.0 Released

Paludis 0.52.0 has been released:

  • format=”exheres” and format=”ebuild” are now deprecated in favour of format=”e”.
  • Specifying ‘root’ in a repository config file now overrides the environment-supplied default.
  • ‘cave resolve’ will now select packages even if [use] dependencies are unmet, and will display the necessary changes needed to user configuration.
  • ‘cave resolve –without’ will now allow nothing at all to be installed.
  • ‘cave resolve’ now has options for chroot handling.
  • ‘cave execute-resolution’ now writes resume data after every job completion, rather than just upon normal exit.
  • ‘cave import’ now has ‘–strip –preserve-work’ options, and the default for build_options: preserve_work is now disabled.
  • ‘cave print-ids’ now has short options.
  • ‘cave display-resolution’ now displays better job count information, and more compact at displaying circular dependencies.

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