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Paludis 0.74.0 Released

Paludis 0.74.0 has been released:

  • The way || dependencies are handled has changed to allow upgrades in certain situations that would previously be blocked.
  • Previously file descriptors would be leaked when adding certain types of files to a tar being created for a pbin. This is now fixed.
  • We now strip certain kinds of trailing garbage from tar files, to deal with upstreams who insist upon distributing corrupted tarballs.
  • We now define ${T} to something usable in pkg_pretend.
  • The order of arguments passed to econf has been tweaked, to make it easier to override defaults.
  • cave print-ids etc now have a ‘%u’ format, for a uniquely identifying spec.
  • Added cave print-checksum, for convenience.
  • We now use metadata/md5-cache if it exists.
  • We now ignore self-blockers for Gentoo EAPIs, to avoid problems with developers screwing up package moves.
  • Compilation with GCC 4.7 should now work.

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