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Paludis 0.56.0 Released

Paludis 0.56.0 has been released:

  • New ‘cave’ subcommand: ‘print-spec’.
  • New ‘cave resolve’ option: ‘–dependencies-to-slash’.
  • New ‘cave sync’ options: ‘–suffix’ (and support for sync suffixes in repository configuration files).
  • ‘cave resolve’ now shows which reasons are responsible for reconfiguration requirements.
  • The user used for userpriv operations (typically ‘paludisbuild’) is now expected to be in the ‘tty’ group.
  • The ‘repo_file’ variable may now be used in repository_defaults.conf. Added new repo_file_basename, repo_file_unsuffixed, variables.
  • Values in overlay thirdpartymirrors files now override those in masters.
  • The documentation now recommends use of the ‘cave’ client rather than ‘paludis’.

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